How To Improve Writing

It is natural for anyone to encounter one or another difficulty at the time of writing – whether of an ordinary, subtle or intricate character. So the question “how to improve writing?”, In a way, can be in the minds of all people who write.

When well-used, certain writing resources can incorporate additional intrinsic values ‚Äč‚Äčinto the text to the extent that the message itself becomes a coadjuvant. However, for this, one must go far beyond literary “makeup”.

We are not talking about scholarship properly; nor of the little words spoken and of the shocking phrases; bodybuilding? Much less! – none of this alone is capable of doing so.

However (this is important), it is not the purpose of textual resources to support the message. In reality, we understand that in every writing the message must always be the main character, the very soul of the text.

What makes an extremely beautiful person more attractive than another of a similar pattern? Many answers can be given to this question, it is true. However, I believe that the personality of that person will be the primary reason. At least in most cases.

Imagine that a certain special message coming from the Direction should be given verbally and at the same time to all members of a large corporation. The understanding of such a message will be of fundamental importance so that, now, the employees begin to execute their respective roles in line with the new directions that the corporation must take.

Having said that, what skills do you think the person who will give the message should have? First, it must be someone who can get everyone’s attention, and after that, take advantage of that attention by being intelligible – from the operational to the administrative.

If so, that person needs to know the whole corporation and possess cognitive assessment skills of its employees, to then use the most appropriate communication to all.

In the example above we said that in order to get a message right we believe that it is necessary:

  1. Get people’s attention
  2. Harness this attention
  3. Making yourself intelligible

I remember an excerpt from the book “Ideas That Glue,” in which brothers Chip Heath and Dan Heath narrate how a flight attendant (Karen Wood) passed the flight safety guidelines in a very creative way, with which she managed attract the attention of all passengers. I reproduce the excerpt from the book that shows the creativity of the curator:

Could we have a few moments of your attention, please? We would like to show you these security items. If you’ve never been in a car since 1965, this is the correct way to use your seat belt: To attach it, snap one end into the other, adjusting as needed, pulling or loosening the strap. To remove it, simply lift the clip.

As the song says, there must be fifty ways to leave your lover, but there are only six ways to leave this aircraft: two doors in the rear, two exits on the side removable emergency windows that are on the wings, and two doors in the part forward. The location of each exit is clearly indicated in the warnings on the ceiling. In an emergency, red and white led lights will automatically light up on the corridor floor.

That made you look!

After their creative communication, even the passengers who traveled very often were drawn to listen to it. And it was not only that, in the end the commissioner was much applauded!

How to Improve Writing with “Pattern Break”

The book’s authors recount that the commissioner has used what they call a “breach of the standard.” In his words, “Humans have a rapid ability to adapt to consistent standards. We ignore consistent sensory stimulation. Think of the noise of an air-conditioning, the noise of traffic, (…) the sight of a bookcase. ” According to them, maybe we only become aware of these things when there is a change, that is: the air conditioning is turned off and someone makes a new arrangement in the books.

How to improve writing is the main theme of this text, I consider “pattern breaking” a great tip for everyone who writes, and I recommend using it whenever you want to highlight something. But on the other hand, it is important that this is always done with good judgment. Be very careful not to extrapolate in changing the language patterns and the style of the break itself.

Use appropriate resources to improve writing

Another way to improve writing is by using well punctuation and other textual resources. If we want to be more expressive, we should not use only semicolons. There are several other features that can make the text more attractive: the dash, the semicolon, parentheses (and even brackets), griffins, etc., but of course always in the light of common sense.

Finally, it is essential to know the audience well for whom you are writing. Only then will it be possible to adopt the most appropriate language for each situation and then make what we write really interesting and useful.

These are the tips today. If you liked or would like to contribute other tips, use the comments field below. Your participation will be very important to us!