Caring for an Audio Transcript

What to expect from the Audio Transcription service

Transcription of audios is a job that must be taken very seriously. Those who hire this service do so because they intend to use the transcribed text for some specific purpose, usually of a formal nature, which charges the transcriber, often, variegated and academic knowledge, as well as the intrinsic awareness about what purpose each transcript is intended for. So we suggest you take some care when hiring an audio transcript.

Audio transcripts should always assume a specific documentary character. That is, according to the purpose, a transcript can acquire different formats and peculiarities. We’ll talk more about this later.

Although every experienced transcriber should already know the specifics inherent in each type of transcription, the wiser thing is that, before hiring the service, the client seeks to make sure with the transcriber if he really knows what the purpose of his transcript is .

Examples of Different Types of Audio Transcription

If you are a doctoral (or master) …

and want to contract the transcription of the interviews that you performed for the composition of your thesis, it is important to inform the type of language to be adopted in the transcription. For example, if it was an ethnographic research, it may be necessary for the transcription to be ipsis verbis, that is, to transcribe exactly what the interlocutor said, including possible grammatical errors, expressions and other peculiarities of the spoken language. In addition, the formatting of the text should follow the rules of ABNT ( Association of Technical Standards), so that the document can also be used in the thesis as an appendix.

If you are a speaker …

and wish to contract the transcription of one or more lectures, unlike the example above you will want to eliminate everything that only makes sense to the spoken language. In addition, you will not want to be transcribed the jokes that were not part of the content of the talk. The experienced transcriber will then know that the lecture should be formatted appropriately. Not only that, he will also know that the text should receive paragrafting and adaptations of spoken language to writing.

If you’re a lawyer …

and will hire the transcription of a hearing (de-escalation), the correct thing would be that the degraver already knew everything about this document. However, to avoid rework, it is advisable to make sure of it; make it clear that the speech of each party must be faithfully and integrally transcribed in a single paragraph and properly identified. Not every transcriber is aware that a detail can mean fundamental information to the judges when it comes to judging an issue.

If you’re a psychologist …

it may be necessary that the transcript should also be ipsis verbis, for later more detailed evaluation of its patient. In this case be sure to inform the transcriber about the purpose of your transcription. Once, a psychologist asked us for a type of transcript that needed registration including the clearing of her patient during the session. Every word was very important, even words not completed. According to her, the purpose of the transcript was to make a quantitative analysis of her patient’s behavior.

We might cite other examples, but we understand that this information is enough for you to take proper care when hiring an audio transcript. Take care of those simple details so you do not have rework and achieve all the benefits a well-made transcript can offer.

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